Choice after sex: the sperm chooses an egg cell

Choice after sex: the sperm chooses an egg cell

An amazing discovery was made by the scientists from Stockholm University. They study the characteristics of the human reproductive system. The researchers concluded that the reproductive system of men can attract the egg cell of different women. However, they may not be among the partners. That is due to the fact that the egg cells have the ability to transmit certain chemical signals to the sperm. In that study, the scientists recruited colleagues from the University of Manchester.

Together, they identified the factor of using chemical signals for the conditional “choice” of the sperm. If we consider that aspect of interaction from a different point of view, it all boils down to the fact that in ordinary life a person spends a lot of time, energy searching for a partner, whom he considers worthy for procreation.

But a new study proves: even if such a choice was made by a person, then after sexual contact the choice of a partner at the level of chemical signals continues. Egg cells produce certain chemicals, they are called chemoattractants. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they attract the sperm.

According to John Fitzpatrick, a professor from the Stockholm University, the scientists were on the verge of decoding the chemical signals transmitted by the egg cells. The specialists have been able to study how the sperm react to follicular fluid. It surrounds the egg cells and contains chemoattractants.

The researchers wanted to find out if the follicular fluids of different females attract the sperm from different males. Professor Fitzpatrick reported the results: under laboratory conditions, the follicular fluid of one female rat was better at attracting the sperm from a male who was not her partner.

The researcher does not exclude the same scenario in the framework of human communication. If further studies confirm that fact, then we can conclude that the choice of a partner will continue after sex - the egg cell will continue to search for the sperm.