Gaps found in coronavirus: scientists hope to defeat COVID-19

Gaps found in coronavirus: scientists hope to defeat COVID-19

Chinese coronavirus is considered the most severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-CoV-2. It causes COVID-19 disease, which can be fatal. Scientists from around the world are looking for ways to stop the disease, find a vaccine. But there is no medicine or vaccine yet. Today, a group of scientists said they discovered the weaknesses of the coronavirus. Identified powerful gaps in the gene structure of the virus can help develop new methods to combat the deadly disease.

This issue is addressed by specialists from Scripps Research. They revealed the possible vulnerability of the coronavirus. After the last SARS outbreak in 2002, doctors received CR3022 antibodies from the blood of a surviving patient. Antibodies have shown how vulnerable the coronavirus is.

Antibodies are called protein formations in the body's immune system. They are capable of producing powerful protection against various infections. But in some cases, antibodies are unable to cope with the virus if they do not bind in a particular place.

Scientists said that they were able to find a specific area of the virus to which drugs should be directed. And this can help in developing a vaccine. Chinese scientists noted that the detected antibodies work against SARS-CoV-2.

The region of binding of protein structures is located inside antibodies and it is exposed only in those cases when the virus changes its structure as in a natural infection. Despite the difference between the two coronaviruses, antibodies combine them and can neutralize the virus in laboratory tests. Structural studies of antibodies are carried out by specialists at Wilson's laboratory.