The exchange of bodies is a reality: a bold experiment determined the change in sensations

The exchange of bodies is a reality

The scientists conducted a fantastic experiment. They were able to reproduce in reality the exchange of bodies and to find out how a person's sense of self changes. The science is not the first time trying to figure out how certain things or processes affect a person. The new experiment is dedicated to the bold exchange of bodies with the definition of the illusion of perception.

Couples of friends who knew each other's personalities were invited to participate in the experiment. The resulting data helped to establish a close relationship between the psychological and physical perception of oneself. The process involves memory.

The scientists found that if a person's mental assessment does not correspond to the physical "I", then the memory can be impaired. A research is carried out at the Karolinska University in Sweden. One of the authors of the study, Pavel Tachikovski, notes that fantasies of the body exchange often arise in childhood. But for science, it is not just a game of imagination, it is a complex work that allows you to know the human body better.

During the experiment, a pair of participants was given glasses that showed a live broadcast of another person's body. To enhance the illusory effect, both participants felt touching different parts of the body simultaneously and in turn, and each was imbued with the sensations of the other.

The illusion triggered after a few moments. When one participant was virtually threatened with a knife, he felt fear and sweated. The condition was passed on to the second participant, whose forehead was covered with a cold sweat.

Waking up in someone else's body experiment became a reality, and although it took a very short period of time, it was enough to change self-perception. Until the moment of virtual body exchange, the participants rated each other according to various characteristics, such as cheerfulness, independence, confidence, talkativeness.

During the "move" everyone felt how these criteria coincided with the description. The disadvantage of the experiment was the memory test results. The participants very closely perceived the body of a friend as their own, and they could not reproduce some of their personal memories being in a foreign body.