Candy Tree Extract Cures Hungover Syndrome

Candy Tree Extract Cures Hungover Syndrome

Herbal remedy helps for a hangover and has a lot of positive qualities. This conclusion was reached by specialists from the University of Southern California. They made an amazing discovery based on a drug that is prescribed to patients for the treatment of liver diseases. But the spectrum of his actions turned out to be wider. This drug copes with a hangover syndrome.

It is called Amelopsin. Scientists have concluded that it helps to get rid of a headache during a hangover. And it protects the body from changes that the liver can provoke while drinking. After examining the features of this pharmaceutical drug, scientists concluded that this is the best tool that they have ever known. It is made from an extract of a candy tree called Japanese raisins or Sweet Talks.

The plant base is not only safe but also beneficial for the human body. You can buy medicine at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. Investigating its features, experts found that candy tree extract has an interesting sequence of metabolic changes.

They are responsible not only for getting rid of a headache but also for improving the liver. Amolepsin helps to absorb alcohol faster and activates a whole cycle of different mechanisms that quickly remove alcohol from the body. This was announced by Jing Liang, a professor of clinical pharmacy at the University.

Candy Tree Extract can be used as a nutritional supplement to compensate for the negative effects of alcohol. This herbal substance has wider uses to help people deal with drunkenness, alcoholism, and liver damage.

Excessive alcohol consumption is the most common form of substance abuse. In different countries of the world, up to one hundred thousand people die every year. This is the third leading cause of death among humans. Excessive alcohol consumption causes 3 million deaths worldwide each year. But there was no effective therapeutic agent for the disorder without serious side effects.