Life expectancy calculator: new calculations proposed

New Life Expectancy Calculator Created

The scientists developed a unique calculator that can calculate the life expectancy of any person. The date of the end of life has always interested the humanity. It is impossible to make it expected, or at least assumed. Only mystical predictions sometimes, as the story goes, influenced a person's consciousness, thereby consciously psychologically bringing it closer to a certain date.

In fact, knowing how many years are left can affect many aspects, both on the good side and on the negative. To make these predictions more accurate and more optimistic, a team of researchers from the University of East Anglia developed the My Longevity app.

It allows any user to become a predictor of their own life expectancy. It is averages, without specific dates, but it helps to identify health problems, pay attention to exercise levels, and thereby delay the date of death. The life expectancy largely depends on the place where the person grew up and lives.

It is followed by social factors, bad habits, the presence of chronic or acquired diseases, risk factors. In the process of developing the app, its authors took into account the potential benefits of vaccinations based on clinical trials and other preventive measures that have a beneficial effect on public health.

There were some interesting observations. For example, clinical trials on the effects of orange juice on people with scurvy have shown tremendous benefits over other drugs as they are in the limited segment of vitamin C deficiency. The app shows how long a person can live on average.

For example, a 54-year-old user with several chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, who is overweight, has a sedentary lifestyle, and has bad habits, can live up to 60 years. But if he changes, as the calculator calculates, his attitude to lifestyle and uses several recommendations, then he can live up to 84 years.