NASA will build the world's most powerful telescope in the crater of the moon

NASA will build the world's most powerful telescope in the crater of the moon

NASA will explore the lunar surface as part of a new project. It is associated with the construction of the world's most powerful telescope, which will study the universe. Funding for this program has already been approved. It will be implemented as part of the Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program for the development of innovative concepts.

It is known that the telescope will be located in one of the craters of the moon on its opposite dark side. The idea to build a telescope on the moon was called very bold, innovative and timely. It will allow not only to study outer space but also bring humanity closer to its cherished goal, in finding an extraterrestrial mind.

Saptarsha Bandyopadhyay works at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. He told how the construction of the telescope will be carried out. This idea is related to necessity. The telescope equipment located on the moon has unique technologies for studying space at long wavelengths and there will be many times more new data.

Scientists connect the construction of the telescope with new great discoveries and events in space. Besides, the moon is not subject to radio interference, of which there are a lot of on Earth. Building robots will be, not humans.

Robots will have to stretch a wire mesh along the perimeter of the crater, whose diameter is almost one kilometre. In the centre of the crater and grid, an overhead receiver will be installed to pick up signals. The telescope is fully automated, it does not require the presence of people or robot operators. It does not take much time to install the telescope.