Time travel without paradoxes: scientists use a way to square a number

Scientists think time travel is possible

The physicists believe that time travel without any paradoxes is theoretically possible. They attribute their confidence to the possibility of squaring a number. That is how the researchers at the University of Queensland explain the mathematical modeling of time travel. The physicists Germain Tobar and Fabio Costa are confident in the sequence of their actions. In their opinion, classical dynamics can give clues about the state of the system at a specific time, and thus tell the history of the entire system as a whole.

The opportunity can be applied in a wide range: to send rockets to distant planets, travel in time space, and simulate fluid flows. The scientists concluded that if the current position and speed of an object falling under gravity are known then it is possible to calculate where it will be at a certain time.

But general relativity intervenes in such cases and predicts the presence of time loops or time travel. That is, any event can unfold both in the past and in the future, and thus change the study of dynamics. Germain Tobar believes that the theory of relativity can ask strange questions and reconcile traditional dynamics with the Einstein's theory, and if it happens, the scientists will receive the holy grail of physics.

In the meantime, science cannot compare these two theories in any way, since the basic laws of the Universe interfere with it. But the time travel is possible, and the physicists figured out a way to square a number, with the expectation of dramatic consequences for the scientific world.

One of the travels can be assumed: it is associated with a return to the past in order to prevent the infection of patient zero with the coronavirus. But what will follow next? If the infection is prevented, then the motivation to go back to the right time and stop the pandemic in the first place disappears. That is the paradox of inconsistency. It leads the scientists to assume that if time travel is possible, then it does not occur in our Universe. Otherwise, such travel would limit the freedom to take any action.

But if events are adjusted to a logical consistency with actions, so that none of these conditions are met, then time travel is really real. If you go back in time to stop the infection of patient zero with coronavirus, then that patient could be someone else.

Whatever the traveler does, important events around do not change, they just take on a different form. In that case, the creation of a paradox is impossible, events will always be adjusted in such a way as to avoid contradictions.