Part of the Amber Room was found in the wreckage of a German steamer: it was found at the bottom of the Baltic

Part of the Amber Room found in the wreckage of a German steamer

At the bottom of the Baltic Sea the divers found the wreckage of a German steamer that sank at the end of the World War II. The divers discovered that there were boxes with valuable treasures on board. Namely, with precious furniture that could have been taken out of the lost mysterious Amber Room. The find was made north of the Polish seaside town of Ustka. The sunken steamer was at a depth of 88 meters, it was searched for more than a year.

According to the research supervisor Tomas Stachur, by a strange coincidence, the warship has exactly the same name as the ship from the Second World War that was discovered off the coast of Norway a month ago. It sank in 1940 and was named Karlsruhe after a city in Germany.

The ship belonged to the Nazis. It had impressive dimensions, the length reached 60 meters. The steamer took part in the mass evacuation of the Germans in 1945 from the eastern part of Prussia as part of Operation Hannibal.

The Karlsruhe was the last German ship to leave Konigsberg and head west. But it was sunk by Soviet military aircraft. The historians did not exclude that valuable cargo could be on the warship, including some of the contents of the legendary Amber Room, the trace of that was lost during the war.

Karlsruhe was the last option where you could take out anything. On the board there were about a thousand people, most of them were refugees, and over 300 tons of various cargo. The divers from the Baltictech group discovered the sunken ship in September on the seabed north of the Polish seaside town of Ustka.

For many months they searched for the likely sinking sites of the ship. Now it is at a very great depth, for the divers it has not been decided to open the boxes and see their contents yet.