Neanderthals 50 thousand years ago for the first time twisted plant fibres into a thread

Neanderthals 50 thousand years ago for the first time twisted plant fibres into a thread

In France, archaeologists excavated in one of the ancient caves. She was the habitat of the ancestors of modern man - Neanderthals. And archaeologists were able to confirm this assumption. Also, they found unique artefacts, making new scientific discoveries. Working in a cave, a team of experts discovered a strange tiny object. Outwardly, it resembled twisted plant fibres. Having examined it, scientists concluded that this is the creation of the hands of Neanderthals.

Before scientists were the oldest thread on the planet, which was made about 50 thousand years ago. This suggests that our distant ancestors learned to twist plant fibres to make them into threads and cords, and later to create from them ropes, clothes, bags, nets for fishing fish and animals. Bruce Hardy from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, says the fibre weaving technology that Neanderthals used 50 thousand years ago is fundamental.

She was the first in the history of an ancient person who realized and learned to use plant fibres to create an object that he needed. That is, it was then that ancient people understood the value of fibres and those materials and tools that could be created from them and used for life. He and his colleagues were engaged in archaeological excavations in the caves of Abri du Maras in southeastern France.

Science knows that Neanderthals lived in these caves. At a depth of three meters, there is an ancient layer that damages the habitat of Neanderthals about 52041 thousand years ago. There, archaeologists found stone tools, sharp pieces of stones. Studying them under a microscope, scientists drew attention to a tiny piece that adhered to stone, like a thread. Its length is only 6 millimetres and a width of 0.5 millimetres.

This was a thin thread twisted from a bundle of fibres counterclockwise, forming a three-layer cord. Archaeologists say that this thread is even more like a string, it is possible that it could be part of a net or part of a bag. The composition of the thread includes bast fibres or conifers - their tree bark. Ancient ropes were found before, and the oldest of them was about 19 thousand years old.

It was discovered in the town of Ohalo, Sea of Galilee in Israel, and was related to modern people. A more ancient find made scientists mysterious: could Neanderthals be the first to show an example of creating fibrous threads and ropes, which were used in later times.