More than hundred untouched coffins discovered in the ancient Egyptian necropolis: they are 2500 years old

Sealed ancient graves discovered in an ancient Egyptian necropolis

The oldest treasury was discovered in Egypt, in which over a hundred sarcophagi are hidden, completely intact. The scientists reported that according to the preliminary data, sealed and completely intact coffins are about 2500 years old. Probably, in that place was the burial of important status people of the Ptolemy period in Ancient Egypt. The sarcophagi were placed in three burial mounds at a depth of about 12 meters in the Sahakar necropolis, located in the southern part near Cairo.

Having opened one of the coffins, the archaeologists saw a mummy in it that was wrapped in a special burial film used in ancient Egypt, which was decorated with bright hieroglyphs and various images.

Sakkara is notable for the fact that over a dozen pyramids, temples and places where animals are buried had already been discovered. In fact, that site is a common necropolis of the ancient capital of Mephis. As you know, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to Khaled al-Anani, Egypt's minister of antiquities and tourism, Saqqara has not yet revealed all of its contents to archaeologists.

During the excavations, clearing the burial shaft from sarcophagi, the scholars find the entrance to another. The most recent find was made a month after the experts found 59 sealed and well-preserved sarcophagi in the same area. They also date back 2500 years.

In addition to them, 40 statues of ancient deities and burial masks were found. In one of the tombs where the judge of the 6th dynasty was buried, according to the archaeologists, two more wooden statues were discovered.

Studying them, the experts concluded that one of the statues depicts a man named Heteb Ka, who was revered by the ancient Egyptians. All discovered sarcophagi are planned to be distributed among the museums of Egypt. They can be put up for public inspection next December.