Medieval knight found at the bottom of a lake in Lithuania: the warrior had knives and a sword

A medieval warrior found at the bottom of a Lithuanian lake

The remains of a medieval soldier were found at the bottom of the Lithuanian lake. According to preliminary data, they are about 500 years old. For centuries, the warrior has been covered in water and silt. Next to him were weapons such as sword and knives. The find was made during an underwater survey of the old Dubingiai bridge on Lake Asveja in eastern Lithuania.

An archaeologist Elena Prankenaite from the University of Klaipeda said that the human remains were under a layer of sand and silt that formed a kind of shell that protects the skeleton from water damage. The remains were recovered and sent for an examination.

In the laboratory, it turned out that the remains belonged to a man, perhaps the death was violent, since a weapon was found next to him, suggesting that the man had military status. According to the archaeologists, the first such case was recorded in that region when medieval remains found under water are somehow connected to military events in Lithuania. Dubingiai Bridge is considered as one of the longest wooden bridges in Lithuania, which is still used for its intended purpose.

It was built in 1934 and is now being replaced by sturdy metal supports for its dilapidated wooden beams. Examining the wooden support of the bridge under water, divers found human remains at a depth of about nine meters. In 1998, the first survey of that bridge was carried out.

Then the archaeologists found out that at this place, around the 16th century, there was another bridge that was destroyed. The scientists say that probably the military events and the deceased warrior, as well as the disappearance of the former bridge, may be interconnected.

Also, these events can be associated with the ancient castle Dubingiai that was once on the top of a hill on the shore of Lake Asveja. The archaeologists noted the high preservation of skeletonized remains and artifacts. The divers found leather boots with spurs, a leather belt with a buckle, an iron sword, two knives with wooden handles.