Scientists enlighten ancient mummy by discovering a child in it

Mysterious amulet found in ancient Roman child mummy

Due to the high-resolution scanning method and X-ray technology, the scientists were able to scan the contents of an Egyptian mummy from the Roman era with laser precision. The Egyptian mummy was adorned with a female portrait, but inside it contained a surprise, it turned out that the body of a girl was about 5 years old. By aiming the equipment at small areas of the intact artifact, the scientists were able to learn many interesting features.

Computed tomography of the girl's teeth and her femur was able to confirm the child's age. But no injuries were found, and it was difficult to predict the cause of the girl's death. However, high-precision beams revealed a mysterious object that was placed on the baby's belly.

By fully visualizing the structure of the mummy, the researchers concentrated the flow of X-rays, and it was the first time that diffraction of such rays was used on an intact mummy. According to the cell biology researcher Stuart Stock of Northwestern University of Chicago, the mummy known as Hawara's #4 Portraiture Mummy is in the collection of the Northwestern University Block Art Museum.

It was discovered around 1911 in the ancient Egyptian site of Hawara. The scientists dated it around the first century AD, at the time Egypt was under Roman rule. At that time, portrait mummies were widespread.

And although the portrait depicted an adult woman, there was a girl inside. Her remains testify to a young body, the child did not have permanent teeth. The scientists discovered 36 needle-like structures around the child's body: 11 around the head and neck, 20 near the feet and body.

These are the metal wires that reinforced the artifact and were installed around the last century. An interesting fact was the uneven layer of sediment in the mummy wrapper. Maybe it's dirt.

Another interesting discovery is a small object, about 7 millimeters in length, it is located near the abdominal cavity and the scientists do not exclude that it is an amulet that was put to the girl to be accompanied to another world.