Dinosaur peacock: the bright features of an ancient creature could dazzle and frighten

The ancient dinosaur had striking features, resembling a peacock

The scholars discovered the fossilized remains of an amazing ancient creature, which, with its skillful appearance, could make an indescribable impression: both dazzle with grandeur and scare with bright features. The paleontologists had never seen anything like it before. But studying the ancient animal will help them to learn the features of the appearance of peacocks. The new species was named Ubirajara jubatus. In size, it was no larger than an ordinary chicken.

At the same time, it had a powerful mane of long fur on its back and hard ribbons that stuck out in different directions from the shoulders. The scholars concluded that the appearance of this ancient creature played a certain role - it dazzled its relatives and intimidated enemies.

The peacock dinosaur is being studied by a group of researchers from the University of Portsmouth. These fossils, according to Professor Dino Frey, were found in Karlsruhe, Germany. They were in a private collection, and then were transferred to the State Museum of Natural History, after which it became possible to study them in detail.

The scholars called the dragon-peacock a monster, this image creates its unusual appearance. Powerful shoulders and ribbons sticking out in different directions inspired fear and awe. The scholars were unable to determine what sex the ancient individual was, but it is assumed that it was an adult young male.

Given its striking features, the experts suggested that the dinosaur mastered complex mating dances in order to demonstrate all its attractive external sides. The covering on the body can hardly be called fur or scales, or even wool - it was unique, and no other creature had such a covering.

The researchers found evolutionary success in these fossils, they believe that the special coloring of the peacock is not only a way of attracting and protecting, but also the ability to pass on its special genes to other generations.

Modern birds of different species are famous for their luxurious plumage and amazing colors. It is possible that some of them are descendants of the ancient Ubirajara jubatus. The scholars found that this animal lived 110 million years ago.