The ghost of Christmas: artificial intelligence can enslave humans

Artificial intelligence can enslave humans

In the coming decades, the dominance of artificial intelligence will become more pronounced. According to the scientists, it will receive the status of AGI, that is, General Artificial Intelligence. Its intellectual capabilities may be much higher than the human’s. These technologies can change the world for the better. But if they get out of control, they will be able to lead humanity to death.

It can happen completely without malicious intent, simply in the process of achieving the programmed goals. General artificial man puts human health and well-being on the brink of risk. AI systems designed for even the most needed and important purposes can ultimately do enormous harm.

Currently, there is a research program that is trying to figure out what kind of danger lies in wait for a person if Santa is replaced with artificial intelligence. The project was named SantaNet and its goal is to deliver gifts around the world. He can carry out his mission with the help of the army of good elves, it will include quadcopters, unmanned ground vehicles and other technical devices with artificial intelligence. But at what cost can this project be completed?

Theoretically, the first risks arise already when compiling a list of children who will receive gifts. The artificial Santa will have to choose the children who were good and were not. It can be found out with the help of hidden surveillance cameras that will track the behavior of children throughout the year. Is it ethical?

It is possible to approve the use of the equipment legally, but it will create a number of psychological problems. And then lead to discrimination, massive inequality and human rights violations. There are over 2 billion children on the planet who are under 14. Creating toys for everyone every year requires an army of efficient AI workers, which can contribute to massive unemployment. And as a result, the entire planet could be one giant workshop to carry out Santa's orders.

But what about children who, according to the decision of the AGI, will be on the list of the ones whose behavior left much to be desired? It will create massive psychosis among children and adolescents. Another important aspect the researchers associate with the delivery of intended gifts.

The use of drones will simply fill the entire airspace. Not every drone will be able to catch up the child at school, in the garden, on the playground or sleeping. For this, the child must constantly wear some kind of electronic device that shows the drone its location.

Failure to respond to navigation information will lead to mass collisions of such vehicles. There are many other scenarios that highlight the risks of using artificial intelligence in the best possible way. But so far there is no single scheme for mass control over the AI system.