Otherworldly Messenger: Statue of Mysterious Woman in Jedi Apparel Discovered in Mexico

Statue of mysterious woman in Jedi apparel found in Mexico

An amazing sculptural composition, the age of that is at least 500 years, was discovered in Mexico. Farmers found a statue of a mysterious woman. Her headdress resembles that of former Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tana from the Star Wars movie. The specialists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History are currently studying the mysterious sculpture. The head of the mysterious stranger is made of limestone rock, its height is about two meters.

Judging by the image, this is a young woman wearing intricate clothes with an incomprehensible cut and amazing jewelry. For example, it features a pendant known as oyohuali. It is on a thick necklace. There are also tassel earrings.

But the strangest thing is the headdress, which one to one repeats the image of the characters of the film Star Wars fictionalized by modern scriptwriters. The scientists believe that, like the Jedi apprentice, the mysterious woman was important in society at one time. The statue depicts an elite lady.

But, most likely, she is not a deity, but only belongs to the noble class. One of the theories voiced during the study of the sculptural composition is that this woman may be a messenger of other worlds and civilizations.

An archaeologist Maria Eugenia Maldonado Vite believes that the sculpture most likely belongs to the postclassic period. It has the facial features of people who lived at that time in the Gulf of Mexico. It is possible that this woman could be a ruler, took an active part in the caste of ruling women in the social or political part of the life of the population.

The sculpture has a powerful spike at the base that allows it to be firmly held in the ground. The woman's eyes are wide and she looks surprised. It is possible that the eyes were made of obsidian or other stone inserts. The carving depicts a long-sleeved shirt and a skirt on a woman, the woman was barefoot. Perhaps she combines different cultural traditions.