Fish, crabs, and shellfish protect humans from the billions of viruses living in the ocean

Fish, crabs, and shellfish protect humans from the billions of viruses living in the ocean

Today, our planet is inhabited by a huge number of different viruses. A person does not know about all viruses. And the last thing he knows about those viruses that live in the seas and oceans. It is impossible to count the areas where there are viruses, they are very large. Scientists know thousands of different viruses that are well studied. But there are trillions of viruses unknown to science.

Scientists believe that a huge number of viruses live in the oceans. Tens of millions of different species are not difficult to identify, only one milliliter of water can contain up to 10 million different viruses. It seems monstrous. Marine ecologist Jennifer Welsh of the Royal Netherlands Institute of marine research believes that not every virus can cause illness or death.

Some viruses are food for other organisms. These organisms eat viruses, removing them from the environment. The help that the environment provides in the fight against viruses is considered undervalued. Viruses that live in the marine environment are the most common biological objects. Scientists reviewed laboratory experiments and studied the types of viruses that have settled in the ocean.

They found out that you can delete them in several ways: you can use special mechanisms and equipment, filters. Or active organisms that feed on viruses like predators. Scientists tested ten types of crabs, shells, oysters, identifying the most active of them, which destroy viruses in the water. For example, sea sponges reduced the presence of viruses in 3 hours by 94 percent.

The crabs took second place in this experiment, they reduced the number of viruses in 24 hours by 90 percent. Seashells coped worse — they destroyed 43 percent of viruses in a day. Scientists believe that marine life protects humanity from millions of viruses. And if necessary, the technology of these organisms can be used on land.