Lightning revitalizes organisms: the electrical activity of living things is connected with nature

The electrical activity of living things is connected with nature

Researchers have found that in some animals, electrical activity is formed due to lightning. The study of this issue is carried out by specialists at Tel Aviv University. They were able to prove a direct connection between the electric fields in the atmosphere and the electric fields that are present in organisms, including humans. And although the studies are not yet completed, its authors believe that the results will be able to change the established knowledge about electrical activity in living organisms.

The findings of this study may form the basis of a new concept for revolutionary medical therapies. For example, it is possible to use these methods for the treatment of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, since they are associated with a violation of the electrical activity of the human body.

Scientists explain that the electrical activity of many living organisms, especially stingrays, is similar to the electric fields that form when lightning occurs. Specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University are also participating in this study.

They suggest that evolutionary periods forced living organisms to adapt to changes in the environment, but lightning always accompanied them, even in the early stages of evolutionary progress.

For billions of years, natural electromagnetic resonant frequencies in the atmosphere, constantly generated by global lightning-fast activity, provided background electric fields for the development of the cellular electrical activity.

This led to the fact that some species of animals have an electrical spectrum, which is almost impossible to distinguish from the background electric field created by lightning. Neither biologists nor doctors can explain this fact. And most of them do not even know about such features in nature and in organisms.

Perhaps this is due to circadian rhythms, damage to the spinal cord, and some other body functions that are associated with electrical activity. But the relationship between human health and lightning in the atmosphere can be key to various treatments for complex diseases associated with electrical disabilities.