There are mountains that grow inside the Earth’s core: the inner core of our planet is constantly spinning

There are mountains that grow inside the Earth’s core

The specialists from the University of Illinois have conducted a unique study of the state of the Earth’s inner core. To do this, they used seismic data from earthquakes called doublets. With their help, researchers were able to detect seismic refraction, not reflected waves. They change in time and are proof of the fact that the inner core of our planet is constantly spinning.

A large amount of data on recurring earthquakes and new methods for processing them provide knowledge about what is happening in the inner core of the Earth and how the Earth's magnetic field is controlled.

Researchers are sure that geologists give an erroneous information about these processes. A number of factors drew the attention of science to the events that took place, including shifts in the location of the Earth’s magnetic poles, changes in the magnetic field voltage, and abnormal seismic data. In 1996, a group of researchers first discovered a small but constant change in seismic waves that travel through the Earth’s inner core.

And it was mistaken due to the differential rotation of the core relative to the surface of the planet. Researcher Xiaodong Song noted that this movement is considered to be the result of seismic waves reflected from the alternately increasing and decreasing inner boundaries of the core.

What causes these changes? Due to the fact that mountains grow on the inner core or deep canyons form. And the earthquakes, occurring at the same location, help to distinguish different seismic signals. They change under the influence of local changes in the relief. Some seismic waves caused by earthquakes can be much lower than the inner boundary of the core.

They are changing. But this could not have happened if the inner core of the planet was motionless. The study confirmed that the inner core’s body constantly brings temporary changes in the nature and that these changes are the only source of signal changes.