The helicopter will go to Mars: NASA conducts the latest tests

The helicopter will go to Mars: NASA conducts the latest tests

A helicopter developed by NASA's Space Center will take part in the mission to Mars. It has the same name as the planet on which the helicopter set off next year. This unique spacecraft will be the first-ever analog of an aircraft that will fly over the surface of an alien planet. The NASA Space Center officially announced that the tests of the new helicopter, which will go to Mars, are carried out in an airlock.

The gateway is located at the facility that serves dangerous goods. Another device that will go to Mars is the Cruise Stage, and it is also being tested and tested now. The device and the helicopter during the test are subjected to temperature extremes and atmospheric changes.

Conditions will be close to those that exist on Mars. The test for transferring other loads of the helicopter was successful. The Mars helicopter will be attached to the Persistence rover.

The next time the helicopter blades will work only on the surface of Mars. The helicopter will be the first such transport mechanism to go from Earth to another planet. It has two powerful rotors, they are powered by solar energy.

After landing on Mars, the helicopter will remain in the capsule created for it. He will be there until the mission leaders decide to conduct test flights. The landing of the Persistence apparatus on the surface of Mars is scheduled for February 18, 2021.