The Mars flickers green radiance: luminous oxygen detected in the atmosphere of the Mars

Luminous oxygen detected in the atmosphere of the Mars

The European Space Agency reports a unique phenomenon recorded on the Mars. One of the spacecraft registered a strange greenish glow around the Red Planet. The scientists concluded that the luminous green oxygen that presents in the atmosphere of the Mars can create it. ESA ExoMars spacecraft was the first to transmit images, where an amazing greenish glow was captured.

It was first seen around different from the Earth planet. On our planet, that phenomenon is associated with aurora. At this moment, energetic electrons from outer space fall into the upper atmosphere.

That oxygen-controlled light emission gives the aurora its beautiful and characteristic green hue. The atmosphere of such planets as the Earth and the Mars glow both day and night. That is due to the interaction of sunlight with molecules and atoms in the atmosphere. The glow process is influenced by several mechanisms.

At night, the fragmented molecules recombine. And during the daylight, sunlight activates and excites atoms and molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. On our planet, the greenish glow is weak, and only astronauts from the ISS can see it. It occurs only at the moment when sunlight enters into interaction with atoms and molecules in the atmosphere.

But the glow on the Mars, that was discovered for the first time, surprised the scientists. The device has been revolving around the Red Planet since 2016, and such an observation was made for the first time.

Jean-Claude Gerard from the University of Liege believes that on the Earth and the Mars, oxygen atoms present in the planet’s atmosphere are involved in the glow process. Over the years, while various missions are present on the Mars, nothing like that has ever been observed.

Now the scientists have discovered a new unknown side of the mysterious Mars, and they intend to study the phenomenon in order to find out its causes.