Space signals the Earth: a powerful signal is repeated every 16 days

Space signals the Earth: a powerful signal is repeated

The astronomers have discovered a powerful signal that comes to Earth from the space. It is repeated every 16 days. The scientists characterize them as fast radio bursts. These are signals from outer space that are considered as unpredictable. They have neither a graph, nor a clear amplitude and are therefore very difficult to study. A new radio burst discovered by the astronomers is repeated in a regular cycle.

The signal was given the name FRB 180916.J0158 + 65. It arrives from space every 16.35 days. Over the course of four Earth days, it flares up once or twice every hour. Then the signal disappears for 12 days and then repeats.

The astronomers from Canada observe that cycle for a total of 409 days. While they do not answer about the mysterious cosmic signal. FRB are the classes of the most powerful space signals fixed in the radio spectrum. They last only for few milliseconds and are capable of emitting at the same time as much energy as millions of the Suns.

Most of these signals are single and can not always be fixed. Some are repeated, but their algorithm cannot be traced. The new signal has a sequence. It can be used to simulate signal behavior. That it is repeated is an important key to understanding this object. Some space objects with signals demonstrate periodicity.

They are binary systems, for example, like stars and black holes. Given this feature, astronomers believe that a 16.35-day period can be an orbital period, and it arrives at the Earth when the FRB object is facing the Earth during a certain part of the orbit.

The astronomers managed to trace the location of the signal. It is located on the outskirts of a spiral galaxy of 500 million light years, in the field of star formation. It means that a supermassive black hole is unlikely, but a stellar mass black hole is possible.

Scientists admit that the propagation of the signal is facilitated by solar wind, cosmic dust or some other factors affecting the ability to periodically see signals from the Earth.