Aliens use a black hole to travel: science confirms the theory

Aliens use a black hole to travel

A group of the researchers from the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow put forward a curious version of the aliens' existence interconnected with the black holes. The scientists do not exclude that alien civilizations can use black holes as a passage for their intergalactic travels. The theory is not new. Its foundation was first voiced at a time when the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi was working on the atomic bomb project.

He became the author of a paradox, which can be stated as: if aliens exist, the earthlings would have already known about it, and if the Universe is infinite, then where are the aliens? Alexander Berezin, a researcher from the National Research University of Electronic Technology in Russia, offered his vision of this hypothesis.

He believes that aliens can be everywhere. But their technologies are much more advanced than the Earth's ones, therefore people do not need to see them. And in order to find intelligent alien life, people should strive to become an intergalactic species. The researchers at Glazko University carried out an experiment demonstrating a 50-year-old theory that suggests that black holes can be used as eternal energy sources.

The theory supports the idea of using black holes as a powerful source of energy, and if a certain object could be placed on its edge in an ideal position, which would have to move at the speed of light in order to remain stationary, that would create a negative energy force where an intersection occurred. Simply put, it would be possible to spend a small amount of energy to send something into a black hole and in return receive much more energy than in the beggining.

A physicist Yakov Zeldovich continued that experiment. He suggested the presence of a metal cylinder that could spin at tremendous speed to reflect the energy of the black hole. But to put the experiment into reality is impossible, since there are no such technologies. But it does not mean that alien technology can not cope with that task.

There are opportunities for engineering solutions, they need to be used, but to apply, for example, not light, but sound. Quantum fluctuations and classical waves reflected from a rotating cylinder will gain energy and amplify. That mechanism may be the key to understanding that the black holes can amplify quantum fluctuations in order to obtain an increased frequency of the incoming wave.

The scientists believe that the consequences of the experiment are still incomprehensible. They can lead not only to the evidence of the existence of alien civilizations traveling through the black hole, but also the probable possibility of creating a perpetual motion machine.