Star survived supernova explosion and moves at tremendous speed: it flies through the Milky Way

Star survived supernova explosion and moves at tremendous speed

An amazing cosmic phenomenon is observed by the astronomers. In space observations, they discovered a powerful supernova explosion that formed the movement of the surviving star. It rushes with a giant speed. The researchers managed to calculate it - the star moves with the speed of about 900 km/h. Its movement has no trajectory, the scientists believe that it can turn completely in any direction in the galaxy.

That amazing observation gives modern science the opportunity to observe the new life of surviving supernovae that gain the ability to travel the Milky Way. And they will also learn about the existence of special types of stars found in other galaxies - the astronomers have never seen them before.

The situation that they are observing now may be due to the fact that the star was most likely double. It was able to survive the supernova explosion, and the power of the explosion sent it and the second star that was its companions, in completely different directions.

A moving star is most likely a white dwarf. It represents the nucleus of a red dead giant. It formed after a huge planet dropped its outer layers, cooling over the next billion years. Most of these white dwarfs have an atmosphere consisting almost entirely of hydrogen or helium, with random signs of carbon or oxygen extracted from the core of the star.

The scientists first discovered that star back in 2015, giving it the name SDSS J1240 + 6710. The researchers suggest that it contains neither hydrogen nor helium and consists of an unusual mixture of oxygen, neon, magnesium and silicon.