NASA Astronauts Returned to Earth on Elon Mas's First Private Crew Dragon "Endeavor"

NASA Astronauts Returned to Earth on Elon Mas's First Private Crew Dragon "Endeavor"

Two NASA astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, safely land on the first ever privately manned spacecraft in the Gulf of Mexico. The Endeavor landed off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. The experts mark that event as the world's first commercial flight of an American spacecraft that returned from the International Space Station. Thus, a start has been given to a new era of manned space flight.

A Rapid Response Team was dispatched to secure the Crew Dragon and the astronauts at the landing site. For that, two high-speed boats were involved. When their crews complete their work, the Crew Dragon will be taken to the deck of the Go Navigator along with the astronauts.

On the main deck, both astronauts will be removed from the ship, they will undergo preliminary medical examinations, and then they will fly to Houston. Benkin and Hurley spent 62 days aboard the ISS.

They devoted over a hundred hours to research work carried out in the orbiting laboratory. The astronauts also took part in public relations activities. They supported four spacewalks. During that exit, the astronauts installed new batteries in the station's electrical network, and then they had to upgrade the equipment in other compartments of the ISS.

All work performed is considered as part of the NASA Commercial Crew Program. Its mission is related to the US aerospace industry that works on launching the astronauts on the US rockets and spacecraft to the ISS for the first time since 2011.

The last flight and its results will become the basis for the certification of the SpaceX crew's transport system, since that moment, regular flights to the International Space Station with the astronauts on the board are expected. The main goal of the program is to transport safely and securely the specialists to and from space.