The End of Everything: Universe can disappear at any moment and people must understand the connection with it

The End of Everything: Universe can disappear at any moment

The cosmologists monitor the development and state of the Universe, but they always remember about such a scenario as the death of the Universe. It can disappear at any moment, and this understanding gives the feeling of a close connection between man and space. Katie Mack, a researcher at North Carolina State University, is investigating this possible process. She believes that in theory the death of the universe is possible.

Moreover, it can happen at any moment. But personally, it does not cause panic in her, but a certain sense of calm. Katie Mack thinks there is something about accepting the impermanence of existence that frees you a little from participating in salvation.

For most people, their daily life is in no way connected with what is happening in outer space, everyone solves their own problems. Katie Mack has described these and other experiences in her new book, 'The End of Everything'. Its purpose is to make the readers understand how close they are to the cosmos. Whether it's heat death, vacuum decay, or any other theoretical way the universe is capable of arriving, any of these scenarios could theoretically happen in the future.

This could happen in trillions of years. And it could be like the Big Bang when galaxies, stars, planets and outer space itself will be torn apart. And it is just one option for a possible end of the world. The Universe is accelerating with expansion, and physicists, making their theoretical calculations of the process, also believe that sooner or later there will be a crisis.

The forecasts are the darkest. There is such an option - the expansion of the Universe can last forever. It will create a completely new state of space that will cause heat death when the Universe reaches a perfectly uniform temperature.

Stars will explode, black holes will evaporate, energy will no longer be able to move from one place to another, and time will no longer matter. Any option for the termination of the existence of the Universe can be associated with a phenomenon called the collapse of the vacuum, which will happen at the speed of light, destroying everything in its path.

Can that event be prevented? The scientists believe that people have to come to terms with what awaits not only thm, but the rest of outer space in the distant future.