At night, a blood moon will rise in the sky, the phenomenon will be very spectacular

At night, a blood moon will rise in the sky, the phenomenon will be very spectacular

A huge moon with pink shades will appear in the sky tonight. Residents of different countries of the world will be able to watch the unusual full moon. Super moon is not a frequent event, and astronomers will observe it through telescopes. In 2020, this full moon will be the most spectacular. The moon will be very big and very bright. The full moon will be the most memorable of all this year.

On this night, the Earth will be exactly between the Moon and the Sun. The next night, the Moon will be at perigee: the closest point to Earth in an elliptical orbit. It is located at a distance of just over 357 thousand kilometres. The super moon will be seven per cent larger than it is on the full moon, and 15 per cent brighter.

Astronomers find this spectacle very exciting, the difference in luminosity and size of the moon compared to other full moons that pass during the year may seem huge. A glance at the night sky will provide an opportunity to admire a delightful spectacle that will allow for a few minutes to escape from the difficulties that humanity has been forced to encounter over the past months.

The pink super moon will be perfectly visible in the sky over many countries of the world. The peak brightness will occur at the time of moonrise. The state of the satellite at this time will be observed by astronomers from around the world. Super moon is a special astronomical phenomenon. I

t occurs when the full moon coincides with perigee, the place of greatest convergence of the moon and the earth. The name of such a bright full moon was invented by Richard Nolle in 1979.

He believed that at such moments tidal forces increase, affecting the Earth not only on the oceans but also on land. These large tidal forces can serve as a trigger for various natural disasters - from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis and earthquakes.