The phenomenon of invisible chimney: the mysterious alphabet of black holes discovered new letter

The mysterious alphabet of black holes discovered new letter

The scientists believe that they can explain the phenomenon of invisible chimney. It is the rotation of a plasma jet from a black hole using a magnetic flux. The discovery was named a new letter in the mysterious alphabet of black holes. Black holes exist in almost all galaxies, located in their very center. They have a huge mass and they are capable of attracting any matter, even the light.

But they also have another feature, black holes emit plasma jets, their own matter. From the center of the galaxy, they are ejected with tremendous energy, spreading through space for hundreds of thousands of light years.

While emitting intense radiation, the black hole remains hidden, and it is due to the fact that the light rays next to it bend, forming a shadow. Such conclusions were made after observing a massive black hole in the giant elliptical galaxy M87.

And when observing the quasar 3C279, which has its own black hole, the astronomers found that a core of a plasma jet had suddenly formed at a great distance from the shadow. How it could have formed there is unknown, but the astronomers named it the phenomenon of an invisible chimney.

The NASA's space telescope turned its attention to the quasar. According to the astrophysicist Amit Shukla of the Indian Institute of Technology, the jet core, calculated in the millimeter wavelength range, also emits high-energy gamma rays.

Moreover, it has a flickering brightness that can double in just a few minutes. The feature of brightness change is called magnetic reconnection. The process is observed in many astronomical objects with powerful magnetic fields. The solar activity that is associated with dynamics, is also related to that process.

Amit Shukla notes that while observing the quasar 3C279, data analysis revealed a special magnetic reconnection pattern in the light curve. The astronomer suddenly felt as if it had deciphered the hieroglyph in the black hole alphabet.