Wormholes to navigate: scientists' theory goes beyond the standard model

Wormholes to navigate: scientists' theory goes beyond the standard model

The scientists confirm a theory that goes beyond the standard model: in outer space, you can create wormholes through that you can actually move. The wormholes are considered as fantastic space objects that exist hypothetical. In theory, with their help, starships can travel at superluminal speed and move from one point in space-time to another. The permeability of worm notes, as well as their existence, is refuted by the general theory of relativity.

However, a new research that the scientists are conducting is proving that they are possible within the framework of quantum physics. There is a major drawback that hinders the study of wormholes.

They take significantly longer to cross than normal space, it means that wormholes can end up being the smallest size. Investigating the theory, physics professor Juan Maldasen from the Institute for Advanced Study and young researcher Alexey Milekhin from Pristan University conducted a joint study that proves that wormholes exist, they can be large enough to pass through, and they can be absolutely safe for humans.

Twenty years ago, wormholes were first discussed as a response to the Einstein's theory of general relativity. Their existence was suggested by the German physicist Karl Schwarzschild. Solving the Einstein's field equations, he was the first to substantiate the theory of the existence of black holes.

He called them "eternal", but in fact they represent a connection between different points in space-time. But the wormholes that Schwarzschild predicted could not be stable. They collapsed before reaching the distance from one end to the other. Special circumstances are required for wormholes to exist and be traversable.

They include the presence of negative energy, and it cannot be in classical physics, but it is permissible in quantum physics. In their study, Maldacen and Milekhin concluded that wormholes resemble charged black holes, capable of generating with powerful tidal forces. And if a traveler appears, he will need a large gain to bypass the center of the wormhole.