Galactic empire could provoke military action: scientists warn about it

Space exploration could threaten the galactic empire

A wave of enthusiasm for the possible exploration of the outer space is making predictions for its further distribution. It is possible that the development of a distant planet could become a moment of national pride during the space race during the Cold War. The experts from Johns Hopkins University believe that all options should be foreseen in advance that are associated with the possible manifestation of a totalitarian military space empire.

Some experts regard the alleged excitement about that as signs of bigotry, which, if carefully considered, could lead to a disastrous future in hypotheses and theoretical consistency. But in fact, despite pessimistic forecasts, there are many convincing arguments that represent often ignored threats to the future.

For example, the scientists consider it necessary to report on the possibility of growing militarization and vigorous exploration and colonization of the space without considering the political consequences.

The argument is that a certain kind of cosmic expansionism is an expensive suicide cult. It is a very provocative statement, but it is not as absurd as it might seem at first glance.

The humanity needs to stop and reflect on the implications of its plans for the space exploration. It is possible that by dreams of colonizing the Mars or the Moon, searching for life on other planets or other scientific experiments in space, a person increases the risk of self-destruction due to the use of weapon systems that trigger extinction-level events.

According to the scientists, there are several main threats to humanity. The main one is the use of military equipment that is necessary for terraforming other worlds or otherwise populating space.

The idea is based on the fact that before the earthlings begin to populate other worlds, they must establish complete order and create conditions for a peaceful life on their own planet.