Asteroid «God of Chaos» approaches the Earth: catastrophic collision will occur in 2029

Asteroid «God of Chaos» may collide with Earth in 2068

The astronomers claim a dangerous asteroid is approaching. It got the name Apophis, it is the name of the Egyptian God of Chaos. According to the forecasts of the experts who discovered a rapidly moving object in the outer space, they believe that the asteroid will approach the Earth at a dangerous distance around 2068. It is possible that its approach will have disastrous consequences.

The scientists also calculated that the Apophis will be closer to our planet earlier. The asteroid will pass near the Earth in 2029, but the chances of its collision with our planet in the first case are minimal.

The astronomers observing the asteroid found that its motion accelerated significantly. It happened due to a special orbital process called the Yarkovsky effect. Observing the Apophis with a Subaru telescope. An astronomer Dave Tolen from the University of Hawaii believes that the asteroid tends to drift in gravitational orbit at about 170 meters per year. It is enough for calculations showing a potential collision with the Earth, which could occur in 2068.

The asteroid Apophis was first seen by the astronomers in 2004. And even then, having calculated its flight speed, weight and volume, the scientists concluded about the possible approach of the asteroid to the Earth in 2029.

They even said the date, 13 April. On this day, it can pass by our planet and a network of communication satellites. The most alarming thing about this situation is that the entire flight will be visible to the naked eye.

As for the subsequent situation in 2068, the astronomers have not previously ruled out the possibility of a collision of a planet with a space object during this period. New observations, that the scientists discussed at a virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society, suggest that collision cannot be ruled out.

To maintain thermal equilibrium, the asteroid constantly emits the absorbed solar energy in the form of heat. It creates a force that causes it to accelerate and change the asteroid's orbit.