Astronomers discover the hunt for invisible planets: rogue planets can be habitable

Astronomers search for rogue planets in space

The astronomers decided to start a hunt for the most mysterious worlds of the Galaxy. All space objects known to science revolve around their star. The Earth is among them, like other planets of the Solar System, it receives enough heat and light from the Sun. And it is this light that allows you to see other stars and planets. But there are also invisible space objects, they are located in dark space, where light does not penetrate.

They are called rogue planets, and one of them has just been discovered by the astronomers. It is noteworthy that it is strikingly similar to the Earth. Each new planet is a debris of a dead star.

When new planets are born, they begin to revolve around a young star, clearing the immediate space around itself from the elements from which the planet is formed. This is a world of chaos and collisions between protoplanets are considered commonplace. Stars do not form alone, there can be several hundred or thousands of them simultaneously, and collisions between them cause further destruction.

For example, it is believed that the young Earth collided with the Mars, while enough material was formed for the birth of the Moon. But some planets had a completely different fate: after the collision, they were thrown out of the Galaxy, and now they are outcasts.

It was impossible to find them until a new method of gravitational lensing appeared. Anything with mass can warp space, causing light to deviate from a straight path. The object ends up focusing the light from the source behind it, like a huge magnifying glass.

It is gravitational lensing. One of the observations was related to the study of a potential black hole in the Messier 87 Galaxy in 2019. It is noteworthy that the rogue planet served as the gravitational lens during the observations. It was named OGLE-2016-BLG-1928.

The observation of the intensification of light from an inconspicuous star in the dense inner regions of the Milky Way Galaxy lasted only 42 minutes. According to the calculations of the astronomers, the object turned out to be small, or rather, about the same as the Earth.

Many rogue planets raise questions from science: can the Earth become the same? There is nothing impossible in the fact that it can collide with a massive space object and be outside of its galaxy without the Sun.