Jupiter and Saturn will turn into a double planet: the event will occur on December 21

On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will turn into a double planet

An amazing phenomenon will occur in the sky immediately after the sunset on December 21. The Saturn and the Jupiter will be closer to the Earth in the night sky than ever before. From the Earth, it will look as a binary planet. Both planets will be closer not only to the Earth, but also to each other. This phenomenon happened once, in medieval times. The records were preserved in the annals that people perceived that unique event as a heavenly treat on the winter solstice.

The coincidences between these two planets are extremely rare. But they happen once in 20 years, when the planets come closer together. The Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan says the upcoming event will be one of the largest not only in recent decades, but in recent centuries.

The bright phenomenon of the approach of the Saturn and the Jupiter was recorded on March 4, in the year of 1226. Then there was a close match between these two objects that are visible in the night sky. The convergence of the Jupiter and the Saturn have been taking place since last summer.

And in the period from December 16 to December 25, they will be separated by a distance that is not less than the diameter of the full moon. On the evening of December 21, the phase of closest approach will occur. And these planets will be seen as a double planet, separated by a fifth of the diameter of the full moon.

For most specialists and people who will observe the cosmic phenomenon through a telescope, each planet and several of the largest satellites will be visible on the evening of December 21 in one zone that can be observed. The best viewing conditions are close to the equator.

However, as the astronomers say, that unique event can be observed anywhere in the world, if weather conditions permit. According to the scientists, the planetary duo will appear in the sky over the next three days in the west, and will remain for about an hour after sunset.