Universe may hide naked black holes: they lack an event horizon

There may be naked black holes in the universe

Black holes are special space objects that are regions of infinite density known as a singularity. Physics confirms that the black hole that is also called the devourer of cosmic matter, has a special border. It represents an event horizon, a kind of border through which a ray of light, once hit, cannot return. But can black holes exist without such boundaries? The astronomers called such hypothetical black holes in space naked.

If they exist in the Universe, then there must be many of them. And you can find them by the light ring surrounding them. Einstein's equations suggest that if a clump of matter condenses to a minimum size, then the object's gravity will contract until it becomes a tiny point.

The point is the singularity. And it is a special signal used to describe space-time, indicating that in the case of the singularity, mathematics is failing. Its gravitational pull is infinitely great. Objects can be attracted to it at a speed exceeding the speed of light.

Near that point, physics, like other existing sciences, cannot predict the future trajectory of particle motion, and without the possibility of such predictions, physics also collapses. The event horizon is a special distance from the singularity, where the gravitational attraction is very strong.

That is why the black hole was called black, even the light flux does not escape from it. The naked singularity is the theoretical possibility of the existence of a point, and if it exists, then it is an extremely dangerous place where all the laws of physics and mathematics that are available for studying the Universe are destroyed.

In an ordinary black hole, the singularity is firmly hidden behind the event horizon. And whatever happens there, it is firmly blocked from the surrounding space. If there are naked singularities, then its behavior can be the strangest. So far, nature does not allow to explain and prove their presence. But the scientists have no options to abandon that hypothesis.