SpaceX will make a grand launch: Starship prototype will go into space

SpaceX will send Starship prototype into space

SpaceX representatives announced an unprecedented experiment scheduled for Tuesday. It will be possible to watch the launch of the unique Starship prototype live. The video feed of that event will begin at exactly 7 p.m. ET (12 p.m. GMT). The start will be a flight test at high altitude, a unique new-generation vehicle Starship SN8 will go into space. It is the latest transportation system capable of delivering cargo and the astronauts to remote corners of space.

But above all, it will be able to carry out delivery missions to the Moon and the Mars. The architecture of the spaceship is impressive in its scale. The prototype reaches a height of 50 meters, accompanied by a giant Super Heavy rocket. Elon Musk, CEO and founder of the company, believes that both of these transport elements can then be reused.

Both elements are equipped with a special engine, Raptor. It belongs to the new generation of SpaceX. Starship will have six of these engines, and the accompanying Super Heavy rocket will have about thirty.

The company is currently working on the final design of the Starship using a series of prototypes. Of these, three have already successfully ascended into outer space. All prototypes launched were equipped with one motor, which reached the same height at a speed of 150 meters.

The launches took place last summer and August and September this year. The new prototype is technically considered more complex. It has the latest nose cone and stabilizing flaps. If the planned plan is implemented successfully, then the ship will be able to fly much further than all its predecessors.

Company officials say the suborbital flight is intended to experimentally test some technical challenges and general aerodynamic capabilities before the vehicle switches to fuel control. The SN8 will also attempt a flip on landing maneuver, the first experiment for a vehicle of that size.