Chinese probe brings lunar samples to Earth: important event in recent decades

Chinese spacecraft delivered samples from the moon to Earth

The unmanned Chinese spacecraft successfully completed its unique mission early Thursday morning and returned to the Earth. It reportedly delivered samples from the satellite's surface. The representatives of the scientific community mark this event as extremely important, since for the first time in recent decades such an amazing mission has been successfully and efficiently fulfilled.

The space mission ended with the successful landing of a probe known as Chang'e-5. It landed in the region of Mongolia on the northern border with China. It is reported by the National Space Administration of China.

As you know, Beijing has repeatedly announced its intention to catch up with the United States and Russia in terms of space exploration. China already invested billions of dollars in its military space program.

The spacecrafc that’s purpose was to carry out an important mission of obtaining lunar samples, was named after the Chinese goddess of the Moon. On December 1, the spacecraft made a successful landing on the satellite, and two days later it already went on a return flight.

While the spacecraft was on the moon, the Chinese flag was raised. The scientists are confident that the obtained samples will help them to learn about the origin of the satellite, using new data, form the process of volcanic activity on its surface.

China became the third country in the world to receive lunar samples. Prior to that, similar operations were performed in the 60s and 70s of the last century by the United States and the Soviet Union. The last mission ended in 1976.

It was called Luna-24 and conducted by the USSR. In total, the Chinese rover delivered about two kilograms of lunar material to the Earth from a region called the Ocean of Storms. It is a previously unexplored lava plain.