Aliens remind of themselves: there were several extraterrestrial oddities in 2020

In 2020, aliens have repeatedly reminded themselves

People on the Earth often wonder how lonely they are in the Universe. In the outgoing year, it was not possible to get an answer to that question. But many discoveries have been made that complement the assumptions about the possible existence of extraterrestrial life. They are made both in the Solar System and beyond. Many of them confirm the likelihood of life in other worlds, our neighbors can be both bacteria and powerful technological creatures.

The scientists do not exclude that many secrets will be revealed next year. One of the brightest events in the outgoing year is associated with a beam of signals recorded just a month ago. It is a flow of energy outgoing in the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum at a frequency of 980 megahertz.

The signal comes from the nearest star, Proxima Centauri. Its galaxy has one gas giant and one rocky planet, it is about 17% larger than the Earth and is located in the habitable zone of its Sun, which means that there is liquid water on the planet. During the fixation of a strange signal, it moved slightly, which indicates a planetary shift. That is, the signal source can be stably in one place. The scientists believe that the source of the signal may be comets, a hydrogen cloud, but they do not exclude that it is sent by aliens.

Another striking event is associated with the detection of bacteria in the atmospheric clouds of the Venus. The astrobiologists are skeptical about this phenomenon, however, they had to agree that there is phosphine in the clouds of the Venus. This is a rare and poisonous gas, on the Earth it is formed as a result of the decomposition of living organisms.

With such a discovery, the scientists are redefining the Venus's feature with its fierce temperatures and clouds of acidic sulfur. The signature of bacteria on the planet was found in a cloud layer, similar in characteristics to those on the Earth. Asteroid Oumuamua continues to attract the attention of the astronomers, who ventured to suggest that it is an alien artifact. For the first time, a cigar-shaped object that was rushing through the Universe with great speed was noticed 2 years ago.

This entity was named Oumuamua and asteroid status. According to many scientists, it may be an interstellar comet ejected from another star. But the observations show that something seems to be moving this object.

The astrophysicists at Harvard University suggest that this is not a comet or an asteroid, but an alien probe, it can be pushed by a light sail. The main truth that the scientists adhere to is that in the search for other worlds it is important to remember that man is not the only seeker of alien civilizations. If aliens exist, they create their own technology to find life in space.

And the earthlings are their own. Recently, terrestrial laboratories have been able to compile a catalog of 1004 stars that can be convenient for detecting life. They are surrounded by exoplanets with special atmospheres and conditions that may be suitable for a variety of life forms.