Wormholes hiding in the Universe: scientists are looking for ways to find them

Scientists look for wormhole locations

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity changed the idea of fundamental concepts in physics such as space and time. But it formed mysterious phenomena, such as black holes. Or wormholes, a kind of bridges that connect different points in space and time, theoretically providing time channels for space travelers. The existence of wormholes is just a hypothesis. But some scientists believe that they will be discovered soon.

Einstein's theory allows the fabric of spacetime to experience stretching and bending in various configurations. Back in 1935, the physicists imagined that two supposed sheets of space-time were connected in such a way that they formed a bridge between two different universes.

It is a wormhole. In the assumptions of the scientists, some of them may be flying, that is, available for travel. But to do that, they must be large and resist the force of gravity that can close them. The theory of the existence of wormholes is like science fiction. But some facts confirming their existence have already been achieved in laboratory conditions.

Russian researchers believe that wormholes may be present in the center of some bright galaxies. They offered a number of observations to confirm or disprove their theories. They are based on the fact that if matter escaping from one side of a wormhole collides with matter that it entered before, it can lead to spectacular display of gamma rays, which can then be observed with telescopes.

In this way, it is possible to determine the differences between a wormhole and a black hole, which outside are recognized as indistinguishable. But black holes have the ability to produce gamma rays, forming jets from them.

And for a wormhole, such a phenomenon is impossible, since the penetration of the jets will be limited to a giant sphere. Another example of the possible existence of wormholes is very close.

During painstaking observation of the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way, it was suggested that the existing powerful gravitational attraction is somehow connected with the existing wormhole.