Microbes from the Earth can live in an atmosphere of pure hydrogen: a unique experiment proved it

Microbes from the Earth can live in an atmosphere of pure hydrogen

A unique laboratory experiment was conducted by US scientists, during which they found that terrestrial bacteria can live in an atmosphere of pure hydrogen. About the same atmosphere is present in giant planets such as Jupiter. During the experiment, yeast strains and E. coli were used. In the atmosphere of hydrogen, they not only felt great but also actively multiplied.

Scientists note that they managed to achieve such results thanks to the created artificial conditions. It is impossible to guarantee that the situation in space will be the same since the planet’s atmosphere contains other components.

But the fact that the simplest living organisms are able to support life in extreme conditions, as is commonly believed by science, significantly expands the possibilities of searching for life outside our planet.

There is a certain type of microbial organism that can exist in extreme conditions, and which manifest themselves in the form of high or, conversely, extremely low temperatures, with a lack of oxygen or food. Such organisms have long attracted the attention of science.

They are called analogues of possible life on other planets such as Mars. Some of these organisms have an amazing metabolism. It is based on a set of enzymes that have exceptional characteristics and differ from other living organisms.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston believe that after the experiment, we can safely say: on Earth, there are a number of microbes that can exist in the atmosphere of pure hydrogen. Such organisms can live and multiply in the atmosphere of Jupiter and other gas giants.

It is possible that they are present in the atmosphere of planets located outside the solar system. It is assumed that the results of the experiment can form the basis of missions related to the search for signs of alien life on exoplanets.