X-37B top-secret unmanned shuttle enters orbit: mysterious object makes its sixth flight

X-37B top-secret unmanned shuttle enters orbit

On the eve of the U.S. Air Force successfully launched the unmanned aircraft X-37B. This unique reusable vehicle has been launched into orbit for the sixth secret space mission. It is an unmanned version of manned spacecraft that has been used by the US space program since 2011. Then the shuttle was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida for the first time. Yesterday's launch has a certain secrecy stamp.

It is known that it will spend several months in orbit of the planet to remotely carry out several scientific experiments. The Atlas V booster rocket was used to launch the shuttle. The unique spacecraft itself is essentially an Orbital Testing Machine. At a certain height, the device will deploy a small research satellite.

It is called FalconSat-8. That satellite will be used for additional experiments. It is noted that all the basic information about the events where the satellite will be involved is considered as a closed project that is not made available for the public.

According to representatives of the US space service, which was recently created, in this mission, the mysterious shuttle will conduct much more experimental research than ever in previous missions. These experiments will include testing the effects of radiation on plant seeds and other terrestrial materials.

In addition, the researchers intend to study the conversion of solar energy into radio frequency microwave energy that can be transmitted to the Earth. The shuttle is about nine meters long, and its wingspan is about 4.5 meters.

Each subsequent flight lasted longer than the previous one. The last flight was finished in the autumn of 2019 after its 780 days in the orbit.