A jet engine that turns electricity into traction is created: a scientist from China surprised the world

A jet engine that turns electricity into traction is created

A Chinese scientist, Jau Tang, said that he invented a unique jet engine. It turns electricity into the traction. The experts believe that if the technology for creating a plasma engine is really real, then it can change the world. Jau Tang, a leading specialist at the Wuhan University, voiced the idea some time ago to put together a prototype for a new engine, but it sounded too good to be true.

The principle of the idea was for the device to convert electrical energy into traction, using not fossil fuels, but microwaves, that supply compressed air to the plasma state and throw it away as a jet.

The scientist from China suggested that the new jet engine can be used not only in airplanes, but also in spaceships. In fact, the Chinese scientist proposed replacing fuel with electricity and air. In his opinion, the solution to the issue of minimal environmental impact could be a technology using microwave air plasma.

Development and testing of a new engine will take a lot of time. But after two years, Jau Tang hopes to see them in drones, and in 10 years - on airplanes. The experts believe that it is still difficult to assess the practicality of the invention of the Chinese scientist.

If such an engine is to be created, then it will require a huge amount of the electricity, especially for space purposes. But Tang himself claims that there are opportunities to create electricity using lasers, nanotechnology, artificial photosynthesis, phase transitions, plasmonics.

The idea of creating a plasma engine came to him for the first time when he tried to create synthetic diamonds. He grew them using microwaves, and wondered if the same technology could be used to create the traction. In his opinion, a jet engine is more efficient than an electric motor, for this only some effort, imagination and knowledge should be applied.