Artificial intelligence will rise above the human mind

Technosingularity becomes reality

Artificial intelligence was in a borderline state with the human mind. The scientists ask what would happen when humanity reaches the singularity of artificial intelligence? Should a person feel bad when the artificial intelligence algorithm is disabled? Maybe but not now. But how to perceive the fact that computers are becoming as smart as the human brain? The debate about how artificial intelligence can affect overall intelligence has been lasting around for years.

But most discussions boil down to the fact that an apocalypse is inevitable on the planet when artificial intelligence will dominate the human being. A researcher Born Jalsenzak from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management believes that there is much in common between biological and artificial intelligence.

In his reasoning, the scientist concludes how a person’s real life can be compared with artificial intelligence systems, which will receive the ability of self-development through their own manipulations. Thinking machines will appear as soon as artificial intelligence develops its own version of “life”.

Singularity is one of the terms that is often discussed in the topics of the development of artificial intelligence. But many scientists from around the world agree that artificial intelligence is still manageable. But there will come a turning point when the artificial mind becomes smarter than the human one, finds the points of self-government and self-development.

An important aspect of singularity is speed and time. Artificial intelligence will constantly improve and that process will be constantly accelerated. Simply put, if artificial intelligence reaches the level of human reason in the near future, then it will cross this threshold and create a more intelligent artificial brain.

This self-creation will be phased, and as a result, artificial intelligence will reach a level that a person can never reach. Today, the science is making conclusions about some factors of the self-sufficiency of artificial intelligence.

It is specific to subject areas. It is not tied to any device that can be disabled. It acts completely in any field. The scientists believe that artificial intelligence will need no more than 20 years to step over the human mind.