An air filter can kill coronavirus: nickel foam device picks up pathogens

An air filter can kill coronavirus

A group of scientists from the University of Houston has created a unique device with the ability to capture in the air, and then heat and destroy viruses and pathogens. The coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, also falls into the list of the viruses, on which the new device affects 99.8%. The created device is an air filter made of nickel foam. Its conventional name is “to catch and kill”.

Chifeng Ren, who is a director of the Texas Superconductivity Center at UH, involved in the development, noted the air filter’s unique ability to crack down on the coronavirus. The virus was destroyed while passing through a filter where nickel foam was heated to 200 degrees.

The coronavirus is not the only infection with which the device quickly cracked down. In a few moments, it destroyed anthrax spores during the testing. The authors of the development believe that their device can provide invaluable benefits during a pandemic. It can be installed at airports, on airplanes, at schools, in office premises, on cruise ships.

The filter has the ability to control the spread of the virus, which could be very useful for society. The authors of the design stated that, depending on the need, any filter size can be created - from portable to industrial scale.

Special technologies take into account the ability of the virus to remain alive in the air for three hours. The device can be integrated even with air conditioners that cool or heat the air.

The scientists have found that the coronavirus loses its vitality at a temperature that is higher than 70 degrees. The temperature inside the filter in the heated state is about 200 degrees and it leaves the virus no chance to survive.