A computer prophet generates metaphors about life and death: AI offers a person to “live differently”

A computer prophet generates metaphors about life and death

The amazing project of a young scientist from Los Angeles impresses with its ability to present an understanding of life through deep metaphors. The project is called "Computer Prophet." Artificial Intelligence has stated that life is the prison where the humanity lives. Among the metaphors offered by the machine there are statements about how people should live on. The computer prophet attracted a great attention.

The author of the development, Elias Henriksen, believes that he created a program that can help to find answers to the deepest questions of life. In his opinion, people often express their internal psychological state through metaphors. In this way they associate their personal life experiences with abstract and generalized concepts.

People who use metaphors to describe their lives often want to talk about important issues or difficulties that they cannot convey in words. The research project "Computer Prophet" took the feature in account. All vital questions may contain one specific answer. A metaphor is a scheme that provides specific answers that stimulate understanding, while allowing multiple paradigms and belief systems to exist.

Through a metaphor, life can simultaneously exist as a journey, festival, history, game, sport, auction, gift and opportunity. But the personal experience of each person does not have great opportunities to create metaphors for all occasions of life. The Computer Prophet is trying to overcome these limitations through machine learning.

The device uses the OpenAI GPT-2 text generator to generate new metaphors. The model is designed for 3.6 megabytes of metaphors, quotes, proverbs, idioms and other metaphorical words collected from various online sources and archives. Then he suggested that the system adds its creations to a series of targeted items, such as life. At the same time, the author of the program says that each metaphor received from artificial intelligence needs to be double-checked, because sometimes a machine produces only a set of words that are difficult to relate to each other.

A computer prophet speaks not only about life, but also about death. It can generate quotes about the war. For example: “War is a deity that includes a person, but ultimately a nation. And to win the war is more than just a simple physical skill. We are talking about love for the country, about faith in the future, about respect and protection of our borders and about caring for the well-being of all the people."

Here are other quotes that artificial intelligence gives out: “Ideas are like wine. You must let them ripen in a barrel until the aroma is softened and you can enjoy them.”; “Life is a path to go, a journey into the unknown. This journey is not easy. We must boldly go where no one has gone for years.”