Era of fusion energy: assembly of the world's largest solar thermonuclear energy project has begun

Assembly of the solar thermonuclear energy project has begun

An unprecedented project that can provide the future of our planet with stable energy sources is being prepared for implementation. We are talking about "ITER", it is a unique source of solar thermonuclear energy. It will be able to provide the Earth with carbon-free, abundant, safe and economical energy. France, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States are involved in the project.

The leaders of these states announced their readiness to enter a new energy era with the official start of assembling the world's largest thermonuclear device at ITER, which will be located in southern France.

That device will reproduce the power of the Sun's fusion, thereby providing heat and light. The components for that project were collected literally all over the world. Thus, the readiness of 35 partner countries participating in the international study was demonstrated to unite in the fight against climate change.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinazo Abe noted that through breakthrough innovations, solutions will be taken to eliminate the global problems that exist today. One of them has to do with creating a sustainable carbon-free society.

The Fusion Energy Project, the Energy of Fusion, aims to provide the Earth with an adequate amount of clean, reliable energy without carbon emissions. It is safe, consumes little fuel and has no physical likelihood of accidents. It is planned to obtain fuel for synthesis in lithium and sea water, the volumes expected to be mined will be enough to supply humanity with energy for millions of years.

The project costs are, of course, high. They are comparable to the creation of a nuclear installation, but have no negative consequences. After the completion of the project, it is assumed that the power of thermonuclear fusion can be adjusted depending on the needs.

One of the plants built as part of the project will produce about 500 megawatts of thermal energy. With continuous operation and connection to a power plant, it will be able to provide heat and light to about 200 thousand homes.