Flying cars become real: Japan is about to launch mass production by 2023

Flying cars become real

In just three years the futuristic form of transport may become widespread in Japan. In 2023, the country's authorities intend to launch mass production of the flying machines. Now the Japanese government is investing in that unique type of vehicle development. The country is not alone in developing a number of flying machine concepts, these are, first of all, Airbus, Boeing and Uber.

In Japan, the idea of developing vehicles that could cover short distances, taking into account vertical take-off and landing, is extremely relevant. One well-known Japanese company, SkyDrive, announced the development of a fantastic startup in the field of flying cars.

Recently, its specialists presented the SD-XX project. It is an elegant two-seater eVTOL aircraft. It has the size of a small, comfortable car. The flight range of the vehicle is about 40-50 kilometers, when it is capable of speeds up to 100 km/h.

The first tests of the new aircraft that may become widespread, will be completed by the end of the summer. The company's CEO, Tomohiro Fukuzawa, officially announced that his team is considering using the aircraft as an air taxi. It can be launched in major cities such as Osaka and Tokyo.

The auto-plane can fly over the sea, and it can become its main route, because the developers consider it risky to release the object over urban areas with many people. The company has the potential to accelerate vehicle production. It is assumed that the original model can connect to autopilot.

But it will not be 100% autonomous, and the pilot will be able to control the car in case of unforeseen situations. According to the CEO, the startup's goal is to sell at least 100 cars by 2028, each at the price of an "expensive car."