Hydrogen-powered hypercar: the car of the future won't be Tesla's rival

Hydrogen-powered hypercar

In the nearest future, a unique hypercar equipped with a hydrogen engine may enter the market. New technologies for using such fuel capabilities make it possible to count on a travel range within one and a half thousand kilometers. The developers of that hypercar believe that the vehicle will not compete with, let say, Tesla, but will become a car that can tell a story.

Its creator is an energy company, and it has many interesting creative ideas for developing next-generation vehicles. These technologies are being dealt with the California company Hyperion that gave the same name to its unique project.

The hydrogen fuel cell hypercar with a claimed range of 1,600 kilometers and a top speed of 355 km/h has high potential. For example, it can accelerate to 96 km/h in 2.2 seconds. These are impressive specs, no doubt, but the authors of the development officially declare that they do not aim to compete with Tesla.

First of all, according to the creators of the hypercar, the new car should arouse increased interest in hydrogen energy technologies. The CEO of the company, Angelo Kafantaris, believes that there are many automotive enterprises in the world, but there is no one that is able to provide the general consumer with a completely new energy vehicle with exceptional capabilities

. Rather than relying on extremely heavy lithium-ion battery packs, the new project, tentatively dubbed the XP-1, generates power from large tanks of hydrogen that drive two powerful electric motors.

As a result, the hypercar has a reduced mass, more power and a large range. In addition, the use of such transport can be considered as environmentally friendly, since water is a by-product.