Internet of Things: New Sensors Predict Growth in Industrial Devices

New Sensors Predict Growth in Industrial Devices

In the coming decades, the scientists predict a steady increase in the number of industrial devices on our planet, and it represents a unique class of the Internet of Things. This is a completely new concept of a computing network of physical objects that are equipped with unique technologies to interact with each other or with the environment.

The experts believe that a huge number of devices will acquire the status in the next ten years. And the sensors will be engaged in forecasting this issue. The sensors have their drawbacks. Most often they consist of a limited power supply and a limited battery life.

Emerging technologies called startup Everactive to develop entirely new industrial sensors with unique capabilities. They can work for 24 hours, they do not require maintenance, and the sensors themselves can work about 20 years.

The developers of the project used a unique technique, not just replacing the batteries, but completely abandoning them. The scientists used the environment to power the sensors with the energy they need to operate. The sensors require any type of lighting or vibration to operate.

The sensors generate the data and forward it to the cloud-based dashboard. It provides important information to the users, revealing the capabilities of industrial IOT devices. A project co-author David Wentzloff says that the entire process is powered by ultra-low power chips to maintain continuous monitoring.

The energy source in that case has no restrictions. The products of the company are manufactured on the basis of chips, and customers can use them in large quantities. Such devices are perfectly used in various industries, including the production and production of oil, gas, paper production, food.