Neuralink implants neurocomputer interface, Elon Musk will surprise the world on Friday

Neuralink implants neurocomputer interface

About three weeks ago, a Space X founder Elon Musk announced an event that will showcase Neuralink technologies. That is a unique start-up associated with penetration into the human brain. Neuralink is working on the interface between the human brain and the computer. The official release of the company that was published the day before, says that Musk is ready to surprise the world next Friday.

On his page in the social network, he announced that on August 28 he would demonstrate the firing of neurons in real time. The experts say that Musk has traditionally set sky-high expectations on the startup.

For example, about six months ago, Musk noted that the deep impact of high bandwidth and high-precision neural interfaces is underestimated, and Neuralink will help to develop it in humans as early as this year. Various assumptions have emerged after this statement, but they should be dispelled or justified in the coming days. Various sources report that Musk and his company were preparing to conduct a human experiment.

And it can be confirmed as the founder of the company announced a live demo. The experts analyze various statements by Musk about the startup. He recently noted that the goal of developing a startup is to achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

And the basic idea is that Neuralink creates a brain-computer interface, a robot for surgical placement and all the necessary components to facilitate direct communication between computers and our brains. In fact, the company is working on a unique chip to be implanted in the brain. It consists of flexible electrode filaments connected in an array. Each distributes 3072 electrodes over 96 of these strands.

The neurosurgical robot, also created by the company, is capable of injecting 6 filaments of 192 electrodes per minute. Each thread can be introduced into the brain exclusively individually, to affect specific areas.

Fantastic possibilities are expected with the installation of such a chip in the brain. Elon Musk said that the device could "solve" many problems of the brain, nervous system and psyche. He has claimed that it successfully treats everything from strokes to Alzheimer's, and has even made dubious claims that it could eliminate autism spectrum disorder.