Electric bike was given a round shape: the structure was folded for storage

Electric bike was given a round shape

Any bike requires a storage space. But one of the manufacturers has solved the problem by creating a completely new model of the Charge XC electric bike with round shapes that can be folded compactly for storage. Moreover, not only the entire basis of the wheeled vehicle is folded, but also the handlebars and pedals that allows the bike to occupy the smallest space.

Thus, the manufacturing company solved several topical issues at once: it allowed a cyclist to find a small area at home for storing a folding bike, and secondly, it managed to attract more people to cycling through its innovation.

The models presented for cycling enthusiasts are considered to be inexpensive and are offered for testing. Their characteristics allow to cope with gravel roads and dusty tracks. But these same models fit perfectly into city streets.

They are equipped with high-end motors and a large Shimano Steps E5000 battery for efficient power transfer on e-bikes. The bike is equipped with a range of accessories and components, including bright headlights, full fenders, a massive rear rack, hydraulic disc brakes and Goodyear puncture-resistant tires.

The experts find the basic seat great. As well as a special gift for the cyclist's peace of mind: bicycle tire pressure indicators. They will add peace of mind to people who buy an e-bike for the first time.

The main advantage of the new design is, nevertheless, in its ability to fold and take up very little storage space. Tye experts say they do not feel any discomfort during testing using the folding handlebars and folding base of the e-bike.

Moreover, it weighs about 24 kilograms. It will take no more than 10 minutes to assemble a bicycle from a compact state to a normal one.