Tesla SpaceX Semi-Truck Concept is a pickup truck that will carry cargo across the Mars and the Moon

Tesla SpaceX Semi-Truck Concept - Pickup Truck for Mars and Moon

The astronauts are preparing to conquer the outer space, and go to distant planets on reusable ships to establish colonies on the Moon and the Mars and create dwellings from special materials there. How else can designers and engineers surprise modern society when discussing projects for the future? One of them is associated with the launch of trucks that can be used on the Moon and the Mars to transport any cargo.

Today one of the leading companies in space exploration is the Elon Musk's one. He has repeatedly demonstrated his original ability to organize completely futuristic projects related to the exploration of the Universe.

The author of the Tesla and SpaceX projects surprised people once again. An independent designer Alex Imnadze Baldini presented a series of renders of vehicles that could come in handy on the Moon or the Mars. A pickup truck that will carry a variety of goods is the main focus of the project.

Design sketches and tests of the new SpaceTruck pickup stunned the experts with their appearance and shape. But in that way, people got an idea of what space trucks will look like in the future. Their capabilities are used to transport goods, to work in lunar or the Martian colonies. In his concept, the designer combined all the main features and characteristics of Tesla and SpaceX.

His SpaceTruck project is the result of a collaboration between these two fantastic projects. Tesla previously unveiled a semi-truck that can be used to explore and explore the lunar surface. But the new concept has wider possibilities.

For example, it is adapted to transport rocket parts and assemblies and other elements of the Dragon crew. The SpaceTruck designer called his proposal an original astronomical design that embodied the powerful space-age vehicle of the future.

The truck is fully electrically and its cab is positioned above the electronics. The pickup has some level of autonomy. The truck has a low ground clearance that allows the crew to move freely inside and carry any cargo.